I am happy to be sharing opportunities for good health and happiness with the Salida community.

Over the last 8 years my health and overall quality of life have improved as a direct result of acupuncture, chinese herbs, and alternative therapies.

When I was young, I remember watching my mother struggle with her health for almost a decade. Doctors were unable to help her. She had to seek out alternative medicine. She found help with a reflexologist. Soon my entire family were receiving treatments. The treatments were beneficial to my mother and gave her insight into where her problem was originating within her body.

These experiences have stayed with me through the years and have inspired me to pursue reflexology as a healing modality.

I began my reflexology studies in Denver in 2013. Most recently I have completed training with Lee Siebert of the International Institute of Reflexology.

I am currently pursuing licensure through the International Institute of Reflexology in Florida.

I hope you will join me to experience the wonderful relaxation and healing of Reflexology.