About Laura Deloatch
DVM, L. Ac., Dipl. OM.

I treat pets and people - providing all family members the opportunity to receive the healing benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  I believe that pets and people enrich one another lives, making us all all happier beings.

I have been passionate about holistic health for pets and people for over 18 years, and am so grateful to be offering my services for all beings here in Salida.


Education & Certifications

Memberships & Associations

Continuing Education & Advanced Training

  • Acupuncturists without Borders - Healing Community Trauma & Military Stress Recovery Project

  • Biopuncture and Injection Therapy

  • Neuro-Acupuncture Institute - Level 1 & Level 2 - NeuroAcupuncture for Acute and Chronic Pain, Neurological Injuries and Disorders including: Strokes, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Parkinson’s, Autism, Post Concussion Syndromes, Vertigo and more

  • Kiiko Matsumoto - PTSD, Head Injuries, Physical & Emotional Trauma, Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Treatment, Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety

  • Dr. Gaeta, Standard Process - AutoImmune Diseases

  • Dr. Tan trainings and seminars for Acute & Chronic Pain, Balance & Image Theory, Hormonal Balance, Anxiety, Depression

  • Master Tung’s Magic Points for Acute and Chronic Pain and Inflammation

  • American Institute of Medical Laser Applications - Veterinary and Human Laser Therapy - LiteCure Class IV Therapeutic Laser Techniques and Safety


Dr. Laura is a special person. Her knowledge of both ailments and treatments is extensive - both in people and animals! She has treated me on many occasions and I have worked with Laura in her animal practice - People will bring their furry kids from far and wide just to see Laura, she is that amazing! I love, not only her knowledge and experience, but her disposition and character.  No matter what issue you are seeking treatment for, Laura will make you feel comfortable and at ease.  I highly recommend Dr. Laura Deloatch. You will love her!  - Kate R.


Dr. Laura Deloatch is the best!  She has been treating my 5 year old dog, Maximus for the last year. After finding out Maximus has Intervertebral Disc Disease and arthritis due hip dysplasia, we decided to try acupuncture to help him out.  I am so happy Dr. Deloatch was recommended by a friend as she is such a caring and knowledgable vet.  She listened to my concerns and made sure she had all the critical information to treat Maximus' issues.  Dr. Deloatch treats him with such tenderness and compassion!  On top of performing acupuncture on Maximus, she has recommended beneficial natural remedies and supplements.  Maximus is now doing much better, he is his old happy healthy self and his many issues are under control.  I highly recommend Dr. Deloatch!  I don't know what Maximus and I would do without her! - Velissa S.


How fortunate we were to have Dr Laura in Steamboat.  My IG Dexter Do Winkle is in hospice. He has survived mast cell cancer for nine years and an attack by an Eagle. He lives on the back of my sofa and is at his calmest when Dr Laura is here to treat us both with acupuncture.

I had Dr Laura prepare my body for hip surgery, treated me for the pain and a speedy recovery. I am two weeks post surgery and in great shape despite being no spring chicken.

Dr Laura has become my number one go to person for all my health issues.
We love you Dr Laura.
  - Joey K.


Dr. Laura Deloatch is great and has a very caring and nurturing approach.  She has treated my dogs and really helped them.  In particular I was having problems with one of my dogs whose fur  falling out and he had a terrible smell.  Dr. Laura instantly knew that he was suffering from severe allergies and she changed his diet, added supplements and her special treatment.  

My toy fox terrier's hair grew back and his coat is not dingy anymore and she really got him back on the right track.  He was also on very strong medication from a previous veterinarian and she adjusted his medication to a different type and lower dose which is better for him.

She has cared for my other two dogs as well.  I just love her disposition and have faith in her expertise.  I also referred my sister to Dr. Deloatch who equally loves her.
- Yvonne G.


Dr. Laura is the best! She has been treating me and my pets for many years and she is amazing! She is compassionate and has a calming presence. Dr. Laura has a very broad range of knowledge in human and veterinary medicine including recommendations for diet and supplements, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese massage. I notice a real difference in my geriatric dog after her treatments - she is calm and feels better overall. She has also treated me for various health issues including infertility and gall bladder disease and has helped me tremendously! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist/holistic doctor for themselves or their pets.
- Lauren U.